Northeast Indiana Base Community Council 

  "America's Most Engaged Military Community!"

Since 2011, the NIBCC has served as a catalyst in unifying the military, civilian and business communities of the greater Fort Wayne region through awareness, collaboration, advocacy, workforce development and leadership. Efforts include:

  • Connecting people to programs, building a network of support for service members and their families.
  • Promoting the six military bases and armories in the 11-county region.

   —122nd Fighter Wing – Air National Guard

   —1st Battalion, 293rd Infantry – Army National Guard

   —A/2 – 152nd Cavalry – Army National Guard

   —384th MP BN HHC – Army Reserve

   —1/330th IN REGT – Army Reserve

   —221st OD CO – Army Reserve

NIBCC is a 100-percent volunteer organization, offering members the opportunity to participate in or attend the myriad events throughout the year.

Without a paid staff, every dollar raised through memberships, donations, sponsorships and event income goes directly toward continuing NIBCC programs. If you would like to join, renew your membership, or donate to the Northeast Indiana Base Community Council, please visit

BWF Grants NIBCC $5,000

The Northeast Indiana Base Community Council - Fort Wayne, Indiana is pleased to announce the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF) has presented our Military Support Fund with a targeted award of $5,000 to support our effort in combatting food insecurity for Hoosier service members. This award is to serve the veterans, service members, their families, and their caregivers in our area with a maximum benefit of $200 to individual households. These funds may be used only for direct costs related to hunger and food insecurity. This BWF funding is made possible by Craig Newmark Philanthropies (CNP).

The NIBCC is proud to be a BWF local partner. Our thanks to the Bob Woodruff Foundation and Craig Newmark Philanthropies for this funding to help us combat food insecurity among service members, veterans, their families, and their caregivers.

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Northeast Indiana Base Community Council Board of Directors

Executive Committee, Board and Committee Chairs

  • Carl Huber, Executive Committee - President 
  • Patrick Dooley, Executive Committee - Immediate Past President and Founding Board Member
  • Garry Pook, Executive Committee - Treasurer
  • James Garigen, Executive Committee
  • Eric Flores, Executive Committee - Race for the Warrior Co-Chair
  • Julie Nolan, Board member - Finance Committee
  • Cathy Stidham, Board Member - Governance Committee, Finance Committee
  • Lisa Mungovan, Board Member - Membership Chair
  • Gwen Clayton, Board Member - Marketing Chair
  • Carmen Cumberland, Board Member - Volunteer Co-Chair
  • Joe Wasson, Board Member - Governance Committee
  • Nicole Keesling, Board Member - Events Chair
  • Judge Wendy Davis, Board Member
  • Mike Findley, Board Member
  • Tammy Kelley, Board Member-Military Support Fund Chair
  • Melissa McKown, Vet-211 Connect Chair
  • Roger Reese, Military Support Fund Committee Member
  • Patricia Oppor, Finance Committee Member 
  • Jarrod White, Board Member 
  • James O'Connor, Board Member 






Northeast Indiana Base Community Council

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Fort Wayne, IN 46825

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